The most powerful way to leverage the BaseKit platform, our API allows you to create the perfect integration for your business and customers.

Get started

We recommend that you read up on the basics of our API and how it interacts with our product before heading to the reference to start your integration

  1. Using the API

    Learn about how to authenticate, what type of errors to expect, how our API is versioned, and how to solve common problems.

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  2. Integration guide

    Delve into the key concepts that you need to know about the BaseKit system and learn about the user lifecyle.

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  3. API reference

    Our API reference lists commonly used methods in our API along with instructions on their usage and example responses.



Our guides explain how to leverage the full power of the API and offer an in-depth look at how to achieve more bespoke user flows

  1. User log in

    The log in flow can be enhanced to take the user to a specific place in the application upon log in, send them to the place they last were upon log in, or keep them logged in permanently

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  2. Account deletion

    Learn how to best clear up unwanted users and sites via our API, and how to ensure that sensitive user data is properly erased

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  3. Maintenance

    Learn about the actions we take to prevent data corruption and other bad things during code deployments, including what you can expect from the API

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  4. SSL

    Learn about how to manage SSL certificates for your domains

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Sample code

Take a look at our sample integration code to further understand how the API works

  1. PHP with cURL

  2. PHP API Client

  3. Ruby

  4. .NET

  5. Python

First-class commercial support

Any questions you have about billing, brand and package configuration, or feature requests should be directed to our project management team at or your Account Manager; our team will be happy to help!

Expert technical assistance

Our development team are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about any of our integration options as well as the BaseKit product itself. Drop us a line at