WHMCS module

This guide will help you install, configure, and manage the BaseKit plugin for WHMCs.

Prerequisites & assumptions

To use this guide, you will need:

This guide makes the following assumptions:


We recommend you use any secure method you feel comfortable with to upload the plugin file to the WHMCs installation directory on your server. The following example command is to upload via SSH:

scp BaseKitWHMCsPlugin.zip whmcs-instance:/var/www/whmcs/BaseKitWHMCsPlugin.zip


Log into your WHMCs server, go to the WHMCs installation directory, and unzip the contents of the plugin file. The following example commands do this via SSH and the unzip command:

$ ssh user@whmcs-instance
$ cd /var/www/whmcs
$ unzip BaseKitWHMCsPlugin.zip


These commands require that you have the permissions to create files in the WHMCs installation directory, it is recommended that you use the credentials for the correct user rather than relying on sudo.


If you are unable to execute remote commands on your WHMCs server, you can unzip the plugin file on your computer and manually upload the resulting modules directory to the WHMCs installation directory.


  1. Log in to the administrator area of WHMCs
  2. Navigate to SetupProducts/ServicesProducts/Services
  3. Create a new Group. You can call this anything, but BaseKit is a pretty good name for obvious reasons
  4. Create a new Product using the group you just created. Again with the naming convention
  5. Switch to the Module Settings tab, then select BaseKit as the Module Name
  6. Fill in the Connection configuration, making sure that the connection test is successful
  7. You must click Save before continuing
  8. Next, fill in the Product configuration – you will get connection errors if you do this before filling in the Connection configuration

Product configuration

Client area integration

  1. Go to SetupProducts/ServicesProducts/ServicesBaseKit PluginModule SettingsIntegration Code
  2. Follow the instructions for manually editing WHMCs client-area templates



Before clients can use the BaseKit plugin to purchase services, you must ensure you have at least one payment gateway enabled in SetupPaymentsPayment Gateways.


If you see text on the module settings page similar to $_LANG['pages']['configuration'] instead of actual sentences, you need to rebuild the language cache by:

The language cache has now been rebuilt. If the country you selected is not the one you want, you can switch back to the correct one immediately.

The BaseKit plugin for WHMCs only provides translations for English. You must either make sure that your default language is set to English in SetupGeneral SettingsLocalisation, or rename the file english.php (in the /var/www/whmcs/modules/servers/BaseKit/langs directory) to the name of your desired language (for example, turkish.php).

Connection problems

Although unlikely, SELinux or the server’s firewall may be blocking ports - contact your system administrator to check this.

Need help?

Our teams are always on hand to assist you. For commercial enquires contact partners@basekit.com, and for technical questions integrations@basekit.com.